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Doing The Same, Thing The Same Way...

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

If you do something the same way and expect different results, that is classed as insanity.

The pandemic has highlighted a global problem. Our health is more fragile than we thought. This is not only true for those with underlying conditions but also for some who don't have underlying conditions.

Health is not the absence of disease. Someone may not have an underlying disease and appear seemingly "healthy" but they don't get enough sleep, don't hydrate enough, don't eat enough vegetables, eat a lot of processed foods, lead a sedentary lifestyle and the stress they are under is one tiptoe away from a major health issue. All this is not healthy.

What do we do because many people have underlying conditions and many others who don't, also have issues that if not dealt with, will affect their health guaranteed. We can't tell when, but it will happen. The signs may also be visible. Irritable, moody, above the recommended weight, used to getting little sleep, stressed most of the time, tired most of the time, concentration is poor, memory is foggy, regularly beating themselves, prioritise working over relaxing when its time to relax, busy all the time so unhealthy food is the option that serves this lack of time, strained relationships (personal, professional), isolation, poor quality of life, the list is long.

Back to the question what do we do because it sounds like most if not everyone needs some kind of help for the specific issues that they are going through. There are lots of ways to help people and many qualified professionals who can help and literally change your life. Ask the person whose surgeon did a heart bypass, ask the footballer who is in the premier league because their physio helped them recover.

How do you do things in a different way when it comes to your health? You are tired of doing things the same way, getting some results or no results or getting results but months later, you've slipped back to old habits. You are tired of restarting. You want to find what works. The secret here is finding not just what works but what works for you because one size does not fit all.

What works for your busy schedule that looks like it will always be busy? What works for your taste buds because you do have a sweet tooth? What works to help you move your body because Long Covid doesn't allow you to move like you used to? What works for your household because where you want to eat healthy, the rest cannot be bothered even if they were given £1 million. What works for your weight because where it seems everyone is vegan, doing intermittent fasting and on the keto diet, that's not for you. You need something that had a mother and you unapologetically like your carbs. What works to relax you because you are not into all that "kumbaya" stuff? What works for your work environment because, you will also be around alcohol and long working hours (office + socialising)?

This is the beauty about health coaching, we sit and discuss what is your biggest challenge, what are your options i.e., what will work for you. From that we work on a solution that will not only work for you but excite you. When you do something that excites you, you will do it regularly. When you do something regularly, you will see results. When you see results, you will keep doing it because that is also exciting you. This becomes the blueprint of how you get to maintain the results you've achieved continuously despite the hurdles that will be in your way. Notice I said hurdles will be in your way, not could. It is guaranteed.

On the other side of overcoming your hurdles is the version of you, that feels amazing, good and proud of yourself. In addition to that, it is very much achievable.

Here are your next steps

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3. Get started on executing what works for you

I'm rooting for you

Tracy The Health Coach

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