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Health Session @ The Lambeth Country Show 2024

On 8th & 9th June 2024 I attended the Lambeth Country Show with my church, where blood pressure checks, and health age assessments were provided.







During the session, we discussed health and lifestyle challenges, picked a few to focus on, and planned a simple task to work on for the coming week to help improve their health and lifestyle.

Here are the challenge areas people chose to work on for the coming week to improve their health and lifestyle, with the help they received during the health session:























Challenges of Life

  • Keeping healthy when you are out of work and have limited resources

  • Finding ways to socialise when you are out of work and have limited resources

  • Finding ways to make friends that you trust after going through multiple bereavement



  • How to add breakfast to your day as a way of increasing energy throughout the day

  • Why breakfast cereals don't help with your energy


Healthy Eating

  • The struggle of adding veggie when your kids or partner don't like it

  • Snacking in the evening when you’ve eaten healthy all day

  • Dealing with the guilt that comes from snacking

  • Laziness to cook

  • How to start adding veggie to your meals

  • How to balance your carbs when you love your cultural foods e.g. rice and chapati

  • How to reduce your take away consumption


Men’s Health

  • How to help yourself, the way you help others

  • The domino effect of being unemployed on your health, identity as a man and as a provider

  • Recovering from heart break and letting others be there for you as you have been there for them


Mental Health

  • How to boost your social life as a way of improving your mental health

  • How to deal with your worries

  • How to build and maintain a positive attitude

  • How to add gratitude to your daily routine

  • Exploring your passions & hobbies as a way of making new friends to improve your mental health


Moving Your Body

  • Finding activities you like to move your body when you don't like going to the gym

  • How to add different strengthening and toning when you are bored of walking

  • Finding ways to have a companion when you have lost your walking buddies to Cancer



  • Finding time to be still and do nothing as a busy mom

  • How to relax using activities that give you joy/make you smile

  • How to add relaxation techniques as part of your routine.



  • Sleeping earlier to get restful sleep

  • How to create an evening routine to promote restful sleep

  • Improving sleep especially after bereavement

  • How to get restful sleep when you wake up very early to go work and want to spend quality time with your partner.

  • How to get restful sleep when you finish work late and have to wake up early

  • How to get back to sleep when your sleep is broken in the early morning hours

  • How to reduce your coffee intake and get restful sleep that isn't broken in the night. 


Stress Management

  • How to deal with your worries

  • How to manage stress in the moment

  • How to manage stress when you are unhappy at work and looking for a new job


Underlying Conditions

  • Managing high blood pressure,

  • Managing diabetes and pre-diabetes

  • Increasing your energy when you have Fibromyalgia

  • How to Lose weight when you have a heart condition



  • How to increase your water intake by prepping your water bottle the night before


Weight Management

  • The effective and simple way to lose weight without dieting or strenuous exercise when you have a heart condition and get breathless with any form of body movement

  • Why breakfast cereals don't help with your energy and weight loss

  • Maintain recent weight loss of 4kg at the age of 74.



Action Packs and Monthly Guides

The biggest challenge everyone faces is knowing what to do but not putting it into practice.


To help you put into practice, realistic and achievable solutions, I will create action packs on the challenges people faced as above and more.


Sign up below to receive these packs as they get issued one by one in my monthly health guide and 

start your journey to better health with me today!

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Participants concluded their visit with an individual mini health session with me, discussing practical and realistic ways to improve or maintain their health.

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