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Webinars & Events

Details of the next webinar or event you can attend are as follows.



Get practical tips on how to: 

1. Have Lasting Energy

2. Boost Your Immunity

3. Ask Questions

This webinar aims to empower you with:

1. Knowledge and

2. Actionable steps to

3. Take control of your health and make informed choices to lower your cancer risk.

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The health coaches will help you uncover

1. The 3 secrets to sustainable weight loss and

2. How to overcome common challenges when working on your health goals.

Q&A Session for the Accountability Facebook group to ask any questions in matters of Health, Lifestyle and Achieving Goals.

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Intrigued by the prospect of becoming a Health Coach?


Join two highly skilled Healthcare Professionals and practising Health Coaches, Sheree-Ann and Tracy Achieng-Ouko, to discover the career-enhancing advantages of having a Health Coaching qualification

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Extended Q&A session from the previous Live Event on Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Safe Disposal of unwanted medicines. 

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 “Her Voice” – an empowering and transformative leadership conference that celebrates the resounding power of women’s voices in shaping our world.

In a society where the narratives, experiences, and contributions of women have often been marginalized, it is essential to create a platform that amplifies their voices, acknowledges their achievements, and addresses the challenges they face."

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Lets Talk about how to:

1. Prioritize your mental health
2. Learn & share tips
3. Share useful resources
4. Share your story

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Gain knowledge and learn practical techniques to navigate the complexities of mental health challenges in young people.

Together, let's create a healthier and happier future for our youth.

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Find out how to:

1. Correctly take blood pressure  

2. Reduce your cholesterol levels.

3. Get help with the cost of medicines

4. Safely dispose unwanted medicines

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1.Understand the background of cravings, feeling moody and tired

2. Find out how to reduce cravings, feel good and have lasting energy

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