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Recommended Purchases

Below are some of my recommended purchases of useful items to compliment your healthy choices. From Books to tools, you will find them here. 

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

How do you create great-tasting, nutritious food and turn every day meals into what you never dreamt of? This book will show you how to do that.

With simple ingredients you most likely have, you will learn how to keep your blood sugar even, as the recipes are Sugar-free, plant-based and macronutrient balanced.

It will also show you how to hide veggies in there and make meal times less of a fight!

The recipes are so simple that kids will find it useful to create their own snacks, which means making life easy for you now that they're on holidays or enjoying their last days before school. Click the book and get your copy today.

Humans are complex. Even for twins who are genetical clones of themselves, the way they metabolise or even the number of microbiomes in their gut can vary.

This means that we can’t be treated as the same.

This also means the generic advice given to us may actually not be helpful for some people because we are complex.

The statement “on average” can’t be applied to all of us because research has shown how for some people, their metabolism, microbiome is far from average.

A good read to understand what to consider as you chose what works for your health. Click the book and get your copy today.

Kickstart your wellness journey! The planner helps you track activities, water and food intake, set daily priorities, and fill in the planner according to your personal health needs!

Its layout has everything you need to succeed: a top goals page, monthly calendars, weekly sections for goals setting and habit tracking, daily food logs with wellness and activity trackers, a results page and dot-grid pages for additional health tracking.

The planner will last the whole 6 months of meal and activity tracking, which is sufficient for not only seeing the desired results but also for turning your life around and making impressive progress! The weekly wellness notebook's undated layout allows you to get started on the journal right away without having to wait for a specific date.

Useful for indoor running and treadmill workouts. Running dynamics Including ground contact time (GCT), GCT balance, stride length, vertical oscillation and more enabling your compatible watch to calculate running power.


Store and forward allows for heart rate storage during activities such as swimming or team sports, and automatically sends the heart rate over at the end of the activity.


Through ANT+ technology and BLUETOOTH Low Energy technology, this dual-transmission monitor transmits accurate real-time heart rate and performance data to Garmin smartwatches and cycling computers, compatible fitness equipment, the Tacx Training app and other apps.

Why did your caregiver stop you from laughing as a child?

What is the major source of human misery?

What contaminates our adult lives?

What happens when feelings are repressed?

What happens when you are out of touch with your feelings, needs & desires?

Find out the answers in this book.

Through a step-by-step process of exploring the unfinished business of each developmental stage in our childhood, we can break away for the destructive family rules and roles and free ourselves to live responsibly in the present.

Start your journey today with this fabulous book I am presently reading.

(as an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

Covid is doing its rounds. If you are in a winter zone, winter is slowly creeping in (Its already dark at 630pm and we haven't even changed the clocks!).


A good device to have at home to ease nasal congestion, if sticking your head in a bucket with a towel over is too cumbersome for you is a steamer.


In addition to that you can also use it as part of your self-care, as a facial sauna to achieve cleaner and softer skin, improve skin health and hydration as well as to remove blackheads.


The sauna includes a nasal steamer, tray for optional use of essential oils and a 50ml water measuring cup, so you have everything you need to enjoy a relaxing experience at home.

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