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I had a very positive experience with Tracy as a health coach. I had never had health coaching before, and I assumed it was similar to counselling, but I found it to be an effective tool to enhance my life.

I was able to reflect on my day-to-day life, focussing on how I could achieve my goals.

I noticed improvement in my overall mental well-being.  This came at an especially helpful time in my life, as I was just settling into a new country.

I would thoroughly recommend health coaching and would definitely recommend Tracy, she is very professional, and made me feel very at ease.


Asha Shidane

"Tracy is an amazing coach. Her passion is evident in her approach. I loved the positive energy she had and would highly recommend working with her. Thank you Tracy!"

Monica Odhiambo

“Tracy really helped me examine the areas in my life especially in my mental health that I was struggling with. I love the process of realization that she takes one through and her patience to allow you to figure out on your own what you need to work on. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs help taking action in certain areas of your life. As the say your health is your wealth. Thanks Tracy.”

Maris Cay

“Tracy is an amazing coach. Her energy feels warm and bright. I felt heard, seen, and supported by her. She truly listens and pays attention. She even remembered stuff I shared with her from past sessions even though she was also working with other clients. Most importantly, she trusts that I have the answers to my issues and only guides me to come up with them. That said, I also understand that the coaching process is not for everyone. I happen to know numerous people who don’t respond well to coaching. But for those who are, I would definitely recommend Tracy. My short time with Tracy was beneficial. Having to report my progress to someone helped my accountability. It motivated me to follow through with the action steps we previously determined. I got some helpful tools from Tracy regarding goal creation and follow-through, which makes me confident I can continue working on and sustaining the results of my sleep schedule. In our first session, she explained the coaching process and presented a goal-making framework. Those set the tone for the rest of our sessions. I also appreciated Tracy’s knowledge about the body’s circadian rhythm and the role that melatonin plays in our sleep patterns. During our discussion about the importance of sleep, she explained them to me in simple terms. It solidified her credibility to me. What I appreciate most about Tracy was her manner of guiding my thought process. True to her words, she trusted me and guided me so I could find the solutions to my health issues. She did not try to tell me what I should do nor dominate the conversation. She simply listened and raised questions that allowed me to reflect and determine my own action steps. When I asked her questions, she was always objective in that she considered what she knew about me and my circumstances. She acknowledged my perspective about certain ideas and did not say that it was wrong for me to think a certain way. I’m usually a reserved person who tends to keep my struggles to myself. I was able to freely share with Tracy, though. Her disposition allowed me to be honest and open. At the end of every session, she asked me about the level of my motivation and commitment. She also asked me how I would feel once I achieve my desired outcome. Those served as a vision of the ideal me that is waiting to be unlocked through my actions. Her inputs were valuable in giving me a new perspective on certain issues I was experiencing."

Sharon Lee

"Cared about my personal situation and was kind and genuine, very smiley. Allowed me to think of new ideas. Made me feel good about my ideas. Felt easy to talk to and could tell the truth. I have really enjoyed meeting with Tracy, I have in only 4 weeks felt better about the future and what I am capable of, I’ve had the opportunity to talk my situation through and come up with some solutions for how I will loose weight, I have got off to a great start and have already lost my first few pounds, thanks for helping me with my first steps to achieving my long term goal start.  I would encourage anyone who is thinking about signing up to her programme to stop thinking about it and go for it."

Katy Scott

“Tracy helped to clarify my goals and motivations. She helped to identify clear achievable actions and suggest some really practical ideas. She is very motivating and listens well and offers some great resources."


"You've been a great coach. It is actually our first interaction that I felt more push to get a job and try to do things better."


I agree you are indeed amazing... and have a way of making someone want better and want to be better...You are a blessing. I haven't worked with a health coach before, my constant struggle was having to eat something that isn't beneficial or a quick fix because I didn't put much thought to my food. Working with Tracy has really changed my view of both myself and what I put my focus on. I have learned to plan my meals and organize my days where I can factor in all the things I want to do during a specific day. Through Tracy's gentle guidance my view of myself has changed, I see and treat myself as the important person that I am. I am also able to sustain long-term positive results in my life. I am able to have great meals and enjoy them because I made them with a lot of thought and care, I am able to give time and priority to what really matters, which generally leaves me happier and more productive....I would definitely recommend Tracy for anyone with any coaching needs she is patient and gentle in her work, she is also understanding and challenges you to better yourself.

Pauline Wanjiku

Tracy has been nothing short of amazing. She had a genuine interest in understanding how the actual day to day situation was, had read and understood the first form I filled which helped her handle me as an individual customizing my journey with her. She held so much space and created an environment that was easy to come to just as I am.

The amount of grace I was met with is just incredible. Now I understand that this is a journey, I’ll have good days and bad days, but the goal is to not stop. The healthy habits will be formed, it will become second nature and new lifestyle. I have been given such good information that keeps guiding me.

I requested Tracy to give me information that would guide me through life and help me heal generations to come. I had gone into research looking for what needed to be done, she drew a road map for me and added a tone of helpful information that I am putting to use on a daily. She became the catalyst (my good chemical x) that has guided me to start and constantly want to better myself. “it’s actually possible!” I remember exclaiming to her after achieving a goal we set together, and the results were amazing. I am so grateful that the universe saw it fit to have our paths meet at the exact time we did (We spoke about the crazy extent I was willing to go to, to shed off some weight) Now I understand the goal is not just weight loss but to live a wholesome life.

Thank you for listening, thank you for holding space, thank you for extending grace, thank you for giving all your knowledge and expertise. The world should really get to experience you.


“...I really enjoyed the sessions we had. You are outstanding and awesome. Spectacularly great at what you do."


"My short time with Tracy was beneficial. Having to report my progress to someone helped my accountability. It motivated me to follow through with the action steps we previously determined. I got some helpful tools from Tracy regarding goal creation and follow-through, which makes me confident I can continue working on and sustaining the results of my sleep schedule.."


Tracy was very supportive throughout the process, I felt safe to share my fears and even concerns around some of the goals that I had not been able to meet for the week. She remained positive and demonstrated a lot of confidence and positivity that rubbed off on how I also viewed my progress which kept me going. she was very time conscious but also allowed us to cover quite a depth of discussions during our sessions. I felt very fulfilled and motivated to keep going on my health goals after every session because of how well she led these sessions providing all necessary support and coaching advise to me. I really enjoyed the food diary the most during the first sessions cause this is something that I am now applying and taking into account as I work towards meeting my health goals.

She was also able to articulate information around nutrition and health in a clear and simple manner which made me feel really encouraged to want to keep going. This was my first time working with a health coach and I felt Tracy was very encouraging, positive, warm and inviting to the point that it did encourage me to want to keep meeting my goals based on the fantastic techniques she was using during our sessions that provided me with the right tools to support my journey. Overall this was a very refreshing health coaching sessions that has set my health goals and health ambitions for this year in motion.



"The coaching experience was a nice experience. During that time, my coach Tracy helped me to get on track to drinking water more often as well as committing to designing a meal plan two weeks in advance that would ensure I always have food in my fridge and don't resort to eating unhealthy take out when I got home late from work - tired. I also really appreciated her asking me what obstacles I might face in trying to achieve my goals. By thinking about possible obstacles in advance I could then design a more responsive plan that would keep me on track and ensure higher consistency. Tracy was a wonderful coach and I enjoyed my sessions with her. "

Ndaisi Kwinga

The health coach was fantastic well organised and had interesting information and health diaries for our sessions which were all done via Google meet.

First week super motivated changed my diet to include oats for breakfast and introduced more squash and started squats 3 times a week

Results was more energizer and happy and excited about the training 


Second Week was not able to do my squats that week and was quite disappointed with myself. My trainer's reaction was awesome she gave me a pep talk and was able to talk me out of feeling disappointed with myself and motivated again.


Third week did my squats was happy about that and drank lots of water


Fourth week: Eating healthier, drinking water and excited to implement wiser food choices into my diet



Tracy was a fantastic wellness coach. Motivational, inspirational and always with all the required health and wellness tips. She will make an excellent coach



Beldina Osindi

I found Tracy to be a good health coach. To start off she was polite, professional and very relatable. Not to mention punctual and made sure our schedules were tailored to accommodate me as i had a busy schedule, that showed she cared.

She was inquisitive and also listened well when I spoke. Her demeanour was good. I liked the way we had conversations on what I had issues with and from that conversation she gave me a different perspective on how to tackle my issues.

I can already see a change in one of my problem areas. Tracy coached me on sleep hygiene; I can already see improvements and hope it stays that way. She also talked to me on substitution of coffee of which I am doing. She also emphasised on setting Smart goals which I am doing.


Overall the short time I spent with her was very helpful to me in the long run and I would recommend her in future. She is a very great coach and I wish her all the success in this endeavour.

" definitely will make the best health coach ever."

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